Pesticides Webinar

Forestry Pesticides Webinar 2021

The Confor consultation response to the proposed UK Pesticides National Action Plan (NAP) was forwarded to Defra in March 2021, with a response expected towards the end of 2021.  The NAP is likely to require those who advise on the use of pesticides to have similar qualifications to those who sell these products.  This will have considerable implications for the training and qualifications of forest managers who advise or specify pesticides as part of woodland establishment.  Currently, the only available qualification is that provided by BASIS, which is designed for those for whom a wide range of pesticides form a significant part of their portfolio.  However, a much simpler approach is required for forest managers, most of whom may deal with just one herbicide, plus one insecticide where weevils are a problem.  It is this much simpler approach which is provided in the Forestry Pesticide Webinar.

The online seminar can either be presented as one 1 hour session, or split into 2 x 40 minute sessions.

  • Part 1. Regulation, environmental safety and application.
  • Part 2. Vegetation management with herbicides, plus insect, disease and mammal control.

The latter focuses largely on hylobius, but also includes topics such as deer deterrence.

While both include a Q & A period, it has been found that delegates tend to prefer to forward queries by email after the course.

Agenda options for the full course content can be found by clicking here.

An order form for booking a session can be obtained by clicking here.

In order to prepare for the webinar, delegates are asked to tackle a short multi-choice questionnaire which should take no more that 10 minutes to complete.

The charge is £40 per delegate for the first 5 webinar delegates, and thereafter, £25 per delegate to a maximum of £400, i.e. no charge for the 14th delegate onwards. These fees are irrespective of whether the seminar is attended in one or two sessions, so, for example, a delegate charge of £25 will apply whether attending the 1 hour, or alternatively just one part or both parts of the split session providing the 5+ delegate overall attendance is reached. Payment is by invoice following the running of the course.

The course is supported by a new full colour 64 page book Weed & Pest Control in Forestry which will retail at £17.95, reduced to £13.50 for five or more copies.

For further information, contact Colin Palmer on 01531 633500, or by e mail at [email protected]